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DJ Nate Da GreatDJ Nate Da GreatDJ Nate Da GreatDJ Nate Da Great


At an early age, DJ Nate Da Great discovered his appreciation for music and his fascination with turntables. This love has followed him throughout his life. Nate’s journey as a DJ started during his formative years, when he began scratching records and selling mixtapes around his hometown of Albany, NY. After many years of radio, DJ battles and live performances, Nate continues to be a staple in the music and art scene. Most recently, Nate has been working with Beat*Shot Music on many projects including the annual Beat*Shot Music Festival and the Annual Beat*Shot Spins for Dilla tribute. He does a monthly Reggae and Dancehall mix-show in conjunction with Plum Radio DJs and Aha Radio. He just started a new weekly radio show with JB!! AKA Dirty Moses called “518 Fridays” and he’s been working with Electric City Couture as music director of their fashion events. DJ Nate Da Great provides a refreshing alternative for those seeking a unique and diverse musical experience. Learn more at