Focus Sessions

Musically guided focus sessions help you tune out distraction and focus on something important.

Posted April 22nd 2020

I'm imagining how to use music and DJing in other areas of our lives -- not just for parties, clubs, bars and concerts. How else can DJs serve us? In what other settings and situations might DJs provide value? I love seeing DJs pop-up in fitness centers, department stores and flea markets. Even some big companies are bringing DJs into the workplace.

Let's take that a step further, though. How can DJs and music facilitate our personal goals and work goals, and serve our needs in other ways? Music does more than entertain us and provide recreation. It can also help us improve our health, feel accomplished and achieve our goals.

To that end, I've been hosting daily Focus Sessions. A Focus Session is a short (about 25 minutes) musically guided session in which participants are encouraged to tune out distraction and intent-fully focus on a goal that's important to them.

What can you do during a focus session?

Almost anything...

  • Self care: exercise, meditate, etc
  • Work projects and tasks
  • Home care: clean, organize, etc
  • Personal goals: career, family, relationships, etc
  • That thing you've been putting off, but just need to get done

The possibilities are endless.

There's no pressure to complete anything. The simple act of working with focused intent is an accomplishment in and of itself, but you'll be surprised how much you are able to accomplish when you set aside time to focus without distraction.

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