DJ Nate Da Great

* DJ, Thinker, Maker, Music, Tech, etc...

In a Nutshell 🥜

DJ, turnt-tablist, thinker, maker, coder, etc… Been doing this DJ thing for 30+ years. Been doing this human-being thing for 40+ years. First and foremost I’m a creative thinker. I appreciate artistry, thinking outside the box and the creative process. I prefer to take the path less traveled. That actually happens sometimes.

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In a Focus Session

I'm hosting daily focus sessions on Zoom. In a focus session you minimize distraction and focus intent-fully on a single, meaningful goal. I play music to guide you through the time.

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In a dream...

In a dream, we met in a place without fear. without judgement. We danced without concern. We were present in the moment. We shared something.

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