Cultivating Creativity

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Posted January 12th 2020

Creativity — the ability to imagine new ideas and possibilities. Our creative ability is fluid -- not an absolute. We all have creative potential. This potential needs exercise and practice. Here are just a few of many ways to exercise and channel our creativity...

Challenge Personal Beliefs.

To be creative is to be revolutionary. To have new ideas, we must first challenge what we already know. Creativity is an inward revolution. Unlearn. Challenge your own ideas and understandings. Argue with yourself, not with others. Arguing with others is counterproductive. In outward arguments, we protect our beliefs. In inward arguments, we challenge them. Unlearning creates space for new ideas.

Practice Humility.

If we believe we know everything, then there is nothing new to be learned. nothing else to be created. If we believe we are infallible, there is no room for growth. no room for new ideas. To channel our creativity, we must allow ourselves to be incomplete.


The creative process is playful. Practice your craft joyfully. Make mistakes without regret. Allow for imperfection. Seriousness is a byproduct of attachment. Have a plan, but be malleable and adjust as needed. Focus on the journey. The outcome will reveal itself. Tunnel vision blinds us to possibility.

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