The Unexpected

A short list of things I didn't expect to learn from DJing

Posted June 20th 2022


I’m learning to be patient with myself. Time, effort, patience is the path to knowledge, skill and wisdom. There is no shortcut.

I’m learning to be patient with others. We each have our own perspective and needs. This is the balancing act, considering my needs and also the needs of others. For me, this requires patience.

I'm learning to be patient with the process, to detach from personal desire and work in harmony with the universe. The ego wants what it wants, but the universe will have its final say on the matter.

Leading and Following

Sometimes I lead. I make the music selections. I speak to the people.

Sometimes I follow. I watch the people. I listen to them. I follow their lead.


I’m learning to surrender, to let go of attachment to my personal timeline or plan or vision or desire. I’m learning to surrender this control to the universe and to allow the universe to do it’s thing.


I’m learning to be a better listener. I humble myself. I observe. I listen.


I’m learning to appreciate what I have, to detach from specific desired outcomes and enjoy the experiences and opportunities that I do have — even if they are not exactly what I imagined they might be.

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